It’s not 'you get what you pay for,’ it’s that you get what you don’t pay for.”
–John Suppes, Clarum Homes, Palo Alto, CA

A Mindful Approach - The Lea & Braze Engineering Difference

Let us guide you through the permitting process. Site requirements dictate permits more than the building itself. Requirements such as set-backs, lots, easements and utilities, especially if you are on septic, can be complex and typically involve approvals from multiple different agencies. As each of these requirements are connected together, having one cohesive team that addressees all the requirements not only making the permitting process smoother but will save time and money on the overall project cost.

How can we help?
If you are purchasing a new property, contemplating a major remodel, designing a new home or improvements that require moving earth or new paving, we will gladly walk you through the approval process and explain what is possible – how the process works and generally lend our expertise  all free of charge prior to a proposal for the work. Don’t start on a project or purchase a piece of land without reviewing the feasibility!

Feel free to contact us and we will review your project, let you know the complexities and hurdles you may encounter and how we can solve them.

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