Understanding Topographic Land Surveys

Topographic land surveys serve as the cornerstone of our landslide management approach. Our team utilizes cutting-edge surveying technologies, including Trimble equipment and drone-based aerial surveys, to capture high-resolution data of the terrain. These surveys provide a comprehensive depiction of the landscape including elevation, slope gradients, and surface features.

Innovative Civil Engineering Design

Building upon the insights gained from our topographic surveys and consultants geotechnical data, our civil engineering team develops innovative solutions to repair impacted areas. . We coordinate with geotechnical engineers to determine structural requirements and environmental considerations to design resilient infrastructure that mitigates landslide risks.

Our design process typically involves advanced data analysis and recommendations from a geotechnical engineer to assess soil stability and determine appropriate slope reinforcement techniques. We employ methods such as soil nailing, retaining walls, and reinforced earth structures to enhance slope stability and prevent mass movement. Additionally, we incorporate erosion control measures such as straw wattles, netting and hydroseeding , to protect vulnerable areas from soil erosion and surface runoff.

Furthermore, our designs prioritize sustainability and long-term performance. We explore environmentally-friendly materials, sustainable construction practices, and natural drainage solutions to minimize our projects’ ecological footprint and enhance ecosystem resilience. We also utilize keying, benching and rock drainage systems with PVC as the conditions require.

Partner with Lea & Braze

When you partner with Lea and Braze, you gain access to a team of dedicated professionals committed to excellence and innovation in landslide management. Our integrated approach combines advanced surveying techniques, fundamental engineering solutions, and community engagement strategies to deliver holistic landslide mitigation strategies tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re seeking to repair a damaged area, design resilient infrastructure, or engage with local jurisdictions, we’re here to support you every step of the way.