“We go above and beyond. We treat your home as if it was our home and help you navigate the often complex jurisdictions to guide your project to completion.”

With decades of experience working with architects on residential homes throughout California, we can navigate the often complex jurisdictions to help guide your project to completion. We go way beyond just producing a plan that will get a permit, we intentionally create plans that are complete, easy to read and include all the information needed for the contractor to do things right. We approach our work with this mindset and we put in the same thought, quality and care into your house as we would do for our own home.

A truly good civil engineer not only designs a system but take a holistic approach to the entire project. We train all civil engineers to look at the entire project as whole system. We use our collective experience to go extra mile and present design that is highly functional but not visually distracting. Take a look at our sample plans and see for yourself the Lea & Braze Engineering Difference. When looking for a surveyor or civil engineer, you should ask to see a sample plan. If looking at a proposal by others, compare their quality to ours. No one does a plan as high quality as Lea & Braze Engineering. We take a mindful approach when it comes to civil engineering. Infrastructure can be unsightly. Our experienced team of engineers make sure that all elements of a project are integrated to fit with the overall design and landscape. 

With decades of experience we have worked on small addition (ADUs) to very high end residential homes throughout California. Our deep experience with the often complex jurisdictions allows us to guide your project to completion. We do much more than standard grading and drainage which a typical civil engineer will provide. We work with entire design team and we utilize our experience to help guide your project through the entire process from obtaining approvals through planning, building, engineering and many other jurisdictions.