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A sound septic system not only involves septic design but surveying and civil engineering. Septic is only one aspect of our expertise and because Lea & Braze is a full service civil engineering and land surveying firm, we will help coordinate all of the required components of a project together as one.

Lea & Braze Engineering has the ability to collaborate and coordinate everything on the site so you will not need to hire multiple consultants; This will save you time, hassle, and headaches! Plus, our experience allows us to navigate the various municipal requirements in a very efficient way.


Due to the various approval agency requirements and depending on your county, percolation testing and permeability of soils testing for septic is best done in the late summer or fall. While you can do a percolation test at any time of year, summer/fall yield the driest ground conditions that provide the best percolation test rating. The worse the rating, the larger the system you may need to install because the size of the system depends on how good the ground allows water to permeate. The difference between ratings can double the size required for a system that already takes up a lot of room. Don’t let septic be an issue for your project. Call us and let us tell you how we can help!

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