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Lea & Braze Engineering is your one-stop shop. We guide your project to a successful completion. We do much more than the typical civil engineer firm. Our highly trained staff will help with civil engineering, land surveying, site structural, septic design and testing. You do not have to hire additional consultants for items such as structural and septic – this is all done inhouse by our engineering team.

We take a team approach. Both internally and externally to create your successful project. Externally, we believe communication is key and involve all pertinent members of the design team and agencies. We strive toward a successful completion of your project. By involving everybody together and keeping the communication open, we are able to wade through the complex process and get results. Internally, we all work as a team and many members are assigned to project. This team includes the field surveyors, office surveyors and drafters, civil engineering principals, project managers, and civil engineers. We all communicate to each other throughout the entire process. Our goal is to get your project to a successful completion – along with providing highly detailed drawings and a well-thought design.


Your Trusted Partner for All Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Services

Every project is assigned a principal engineer or a principal surveyor, who is also a firm partner, and a design team consisting of a project manager and design team staff. Thus, every project gets the attention of a firm partner with decades of experience. We stress communication—this is key on everything along with efficient process flow. 

When selecting a consultant, we urge our (prospective) clients to look beyond the costs. We do our best to be competitive and constantly check to be sure we are following our budgets, but stress that our quality and our experience sets us apart. 

To be truly successful, the project will need a firm that will be a team player in the production of a quality plan and one that will be an advocate for the project, in addition to keeping costs and time in mind. By having the information done correctly and in sufficient detail the first time, a tremendous amount of time and money can be saved.