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There is a Difference - Experience Matters.

At Lea & Braze Engineering, we deliver more than a plan, we become part of your team.

Lea & Braze Engineering is a mid-size civil engineering and land surveying company. We are large enough to tackle just about any project, yet small enough that every project gets the attention it deserves. Our projects range from small residential additions to 
multi-phase technology campuses. We approach our work with boutique-level service. We give each client and project full attention and go above and beyond to deliver quality service. At Lea & Braze Engineering, we believe in providing a unique blend of quality, teamwork, and experience with a focus on the client and their project.

Our decades of experience make all the difference!”

Quality Work + Expert Project Knowledge = A Highly Successful Project Outcome

We want to be your GO TO Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer. With tens of thousands of successful projects and established relationships with approving agencies, Lea & Braze Engineering, has the experience to guide your project to successful completion.

Let us show you how the Lea & Braze difference makes all the difference to your project.


Your Trusted Partner for All Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Services

With our decades-long relationships with counties, cities and municipalities, we have the ability to guide your project to successful completion. We believe in growing our employees and fostering relationships with our clients. Our goal is be your Go To surveyor and civil engineer.

At Lea & Braze Engineering, we are more than civil engineers and land surveyors, we are your partner and a team member. We believe in delivering quality plans and service.


It all began with a mechanical calculator, a love for engineering and mission to provide the best civil engineering and land surveying services to the Bay Area and beyond.

Growing from three people working in a garage to a firm of more than 100 with five office locations in California, Lea & Braze Engineering continues to uphold and expand its legacy.

For more than 40 years, Lea & Braze Engineering, has provided civil engineering and land surveying services working as an integral team member on construction and development projects of various sizes.

Our offices in Hayward, Roseville, Pleasanton, San Jose, and San Luis Obispo, we serve the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Central Coast, and beyond. What started out as a small, grass roots civil engineering and land survey firm, has grown into one of Northern California’s most leading and respected firms with passionate civil engineers and land surveyors that go above and beyond for our clients.

Our areas of expertise include: 

  • High-End Custom Homes
  • Commercial Development
  • Education: K-12 & Higher Ed
  • Public and Private Entities
  • Mixed-Use Projects
  • Subdivisions
  • Municipal Projects


It all started as Lea Engineering with Jeff Lea, Harold Braze (Greg’s father) and Greg Braze joining forces to begin a new firm. In 1985 we hired Jerry Gonzalez, whom is still with us in the Civil Engineering Department, acting as Director of Business Development.

Later in 1985 Jeff Lea hired Peter Sung which became a partner in 1993. In 1988 Harold Braze retired and Greg took the helm and hired their first survey employee, Joe Romey.

Jeff Lea and Peter Sung changed the company to Lea & Sung Engineering Inc. We had seven employees. Our small office moved to a much larger location on Clawiter on Eden Landing Road in Hayward.

In 1996, Jim Toby joined the firm as an intern. He started as a drafter but quickly transitioned into the survey department working as party chief and an associate surveyor performing everything from construction staking to topographic surveys to drafting topographic surveys and record maps. A couple years later, he transitioned back to the civil department and eventually became a principal, vice president, and firm partner.

In 1998, Peter Carlino joined the survey department as well, but this did not last long as he quickly transitioned to the civil department to better utilize his experience with working on construction sites. Peter later became a principal, vice president, and firm partner

Jeff Lea, Peter Sung and Greg purchased the corporate headquarters at 2495 Industrial Parkway West allowing us room to grow.

In 2003, Mirko Ferreira joined the survey department as a drafter.
He later became a principal, vice president, and firm partner.

Logo of City of Roseville, California.Peter Sung moved on to form his own firm, Sung Engineering. From 2005 to 2008 we were 40 to 50 employees. In 2005/2006 Peter Carlino moved to the Sacramento Area and started our first Roseville office.

Gregory Braze and Jeff Lea, Principals of Lea & Braze EngineeringWith Peter Sung moving on to his own company, the firm was renamed to what we know the firm as it is today: Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc. At this time the firm really started to take off. Greg Braze was promoted to President of the firm and oversaw both the survey department and overall corporation. Jeff Lea was named chairman and along with Jim Toby and Peter Carlino as principals/vice presidents, co-led the civil department.

In 2007, Alex Abaya was hired right out of college to become our newest surveyor later to become principal and vice president in charge of construction staking.

2008 the Great Recession hit the housing market hard. Lea & Braze Engineering saw a large slowdown as all firms related to housing. However, thanks to our diversification in project types, we weathered this difficult time and came out stronger than before!

Projects began to progressively roll in and we slowly recovered from the recession. We survived, while many of our competitors were forced to close shop.

From 2012 through 2015 we continued to grow. In March 2016 we moved the entire Survey Department to our new Dublin office. Alex Abaya and two supporting staff members chose to settle in at our Hayward office and was put in to work solely on construction staking.


After 32 years of running Lea Engineering, Lea & Sung Engineering, and ultimately Lea & Braze Engineering, Jeff Lea, decided to retire and enjoy his time golfing and becoming a grandfather. Jim Toby and Peter Carlino head the Civil Engineering Department.

After moving up through the ranks and elevating the survey department, to be more successful than ever, Mirko Ferreira became our fifth owner.

2020 we opened our San Jose office, under the leadership of Roxana Corona. Three months later, Covid-19 forced all our offices to close, but thanks to our amazing IT team, we transitioned to home work seamlessly.

As of January 2021, Alex Abaya became our sixth owner. We purchased a new Pleasanton office and expanded operations. Lea & Braze Engineering continues to grow, fully embracing technology and change while looking forward to the future.

2022 and beyond – Lea & Braze Engineering is expanding! We are proud to announce the opening of our brand new office in San Luis Obispo to serve the Central Coast Region under the leadership of Daniel Namyst, which will allow us to expand our talents and to continue to provide our best-in-the-industry quality and service to the Central Coast and further south.