Any civil engineer can do a construction level plan and ultimately get approved—but it takes the experience of a highly competent civil engineer to make the process work.”

Subdivisions are one of the most complex types of projects and provide much needed housing. The amount of scrutiny and bureaucracy is more than a typical project. Subdivisions require zoning and general plan review and compliance, as well as the various environmental oversight. Included in this is “NIMBY,” where neighbors may comment on your project. We know that site issues are of the utmost concern and typically take the lead on being an advocate for our projects which includes interacting with the city/town, neighbor presentations and coordination with the contractor. As most California has been developed, “Easy Lots” are what is left and they are the more complicated ones with tough access, steep terrain and limited utilities. Trying to fit the complex puzzle of maximizing a project that satisfies the many requirements of jurisdictions  and gaining approval permission through planning commission, city council, board of supervisor is our specialty.

Lea & Braze Engineering has completed hundreds of subdivisions and has the experience to wade through everything. We relish trying to fit the pieces of a puzzle together. Our goal is to get a project approved in the shortest amount of time with the biggest benefits, all the while complying and working through the mountains of approvals.

We have experience on everything from a 2 lot to more than a100 lot subdivision. The area can be flat, hilly/slope/steep lots (our specialties). Getting us involved early on allows us to help push your project to be as efficiently laid out as possible. For decades, we have continuously worked on complex subdivisions.

Our team has decades of experience working with municipalities to get projects approved in the shortest amount of time and with the all puzzle pieces in place. We produce thoughtful and efficient design that saves time and money.